Papers from Hillsdale College (1998)
REL 319 -- Eighteenth Century Theology:
Jonathan Edwards and American Puritanism

The Problem with Prayer
(Prospectus Only)

by Bethany Newton

I'm really curious to find out what Jonathan Edwards has to say about prayer. The reason being that if he has a predestinarian view of God and the workings of the universe, then what is the reason for prayer in the first place? When we are "conversing" with God, either in praise, penitence or petition, what are we actually doing? The prime issue of this paper will deal with the purpose for prayer: Is it to alleviate our own conscience, or does it influence our Maker's acts in this world?

The question I hope to shed the Almighty Light of Truth upon:

With these questions burning in my mind I plan to delve into the scripture and the works of Edwards to see if his answers hold any water. I will also study other assorted opinions on the subject to find out how his opposition will plausibly answer these questions. The personal relationship with Christ relies heavily on that time spent in prayer. I want to know how Edwards justifies his stance of predestination in light of this. It always goes back to Free Will you realize, everything ties in to that. I know you'll want to know my opinion on this whole thing by the end of my research, it should be a very enlightening study for me


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